Quick Football Food

Happy Sunday everyone!  Around these parts Sunday means laid back, PJ’s all day and of course, FOOTBALL!  Now, while my husband and I share a deep love for each other,  we do NOT see eye to eye on our favorite football teams.  He is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan (I know, it’s horrible, we pray for him) and I am a huge Denver Broncos fan – because THAT is good football!

Either way, when we watch our games, we like to have good food to go along with it.  Today’s football food was Taco french bread (courtesy of Holly at Life in the Lofthouse).  This was a new one for us, I’ve always just made boring pizza french bread, but this was so worth it!  It was cheap, very few ingredients, delicious – everything you could ever ask for in Mexican food!

Now I am a big fan of food that has very little prep time, and this one did not disappoint.  It only took about 15 minutes to prep and 12 minutes to cook – double bonus!


Just look at all of that cheesy goodness and the toppings all piled under it, snuggled in nice and warm…I think I might need to go for second dinner pretty soon just to eat this again!

If you try this out, and you know you want to, then please let me know what you think!  What’s your favorite football food?

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